"Smoke & Mirrors" is a story of cheaters and imposters Inspired by true events . Francisco Paesa ( Eduard Fernández ) , one of the intriguing characters of MAS the past decades has been businessman, banker in Switzerland , international arms dealer , gigolo , playboy, diplomat, adventurer, swindler and secret agent : spy UN . In 1995, the former director general of the Civil Guard Luis Roldán (Carlos Santos) and his wife (Marta Etura ) , hire him to hide Headlines 1,500 million pesetas stolen from public coffers . With the help of his inseparable partner (Jose Coronado ) organize Operation Brilliant Where the Truth and falsehood have fuzzy boundaries . A farce worthy of the best spies and sunset reflection of an era. Seventh feature Alberto Rodríguez ( The Low Island , Group 7) . It will be released on September 23, 2016 of the hand of Warner Bros. Pictures.