Set in the 16th century, a plague descends upon one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world – Seville. Amidst the spread of the epidemic, a heretic sentenced to death called Mateo was sent back to the city by the Holy Office to solve a series of crimes and save Valerio, the bastard son of one of his best friends. If Mateo can solve a mysterious murder, he will be pardoned from the death sentence. His investigation leads him to discover strange deaths which all have one thing in common – a representation of the devil. As the plague consumes the city, forcing the local government to close the city walls, the pressure to find the murderer intensifies. All evidence seems to point at the city’s most important advocate of Protestantism – Ledesma. In order to find him, Mateo has to take a plunge into a circle of people who are secretly fighting the Holy Inquisition. Something more complex emerges, Mateo finds himself wrapped up by a massive conspiracy and caught up between the bloody fight between the Catholics and Protestants. As his relationship with Valerio develops, Mateo has to battle with his own demon and rediscover his past as a clandestine printer. At the end of his journey with Valerio, Mateo has to set a course to the New World with the only thing he manages to rescue from his past. Steeped in intrigue and conspiracy, La Peste is a cinematic thriller filled with suspense and Telefonica’s most ambitious drama ever.