Five years after the last Black Death epidemic, Seville has managed to recover. The city continues to maintain the trading monopoly with America and as prosperity  continues to increase, so does its population reaching historic highs. The government is not capable of feeding its inhabitants or able to provide minimal services. Social discontent grows leading to the birth of “La Garduña”, organized crime, the underworld, which has taken control of the city.

Far from Seville, in Land of Fire, The New World, Mateo receives a letter from Teresa. Valerio has been threatened to death by the “Garduña” and asks him to come back to help him. His life is in danger.

The city receives a new Mayor, Pontecorvo. His mission is to restore order in the city and to subdue the underworld. For this he will use the skills of Mateo and the help of Baeza, an infiltrated ruffian.

Teresa continues her work of rescuing women from prostitution but now with an added danger since illegal prostitution spreads throughout Seville under the control of the mafia. To confront “La Garduña” is risking one’s life.