Family United


Family United

Original title: La gran familia española

Release Date: September 13, 2013

Producers: Atípica Films / MOD Producciones / Antena 3 Films

Platform/Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures International

International Sales Film Factory

Genre: Comedia

Format/Duration: 101’


Ephraim, the youngest of 5 brothers, asks his 10 year-old classmate, Carla, to marry him when they both turn 18.  Eight years later, who would have thought that Spain would be playing the World Soccer finals in South Africa precisely on the wedding date?  On this day of national catharsis with the entire country paralyzed by the match, each family member will be faced with the most challenging match of their lives: accepting who they are and where they come from.



Executive Producers: José Antonio Félez (Atípica Films) / Fernando Bovaira (Mod Producciones) / Mercedes Gamero y Mikel Lejarza (Atresmedia Cine)

Producers: José Antonio Félez (Atípica Films) / Ricardo García Arrojo (Atresmedia Cine) / Simón de Santiago (Mod Producciones)

Director of Photography: Juan Carlos Gómez (AEC)

Composer: Josh Rouse

Art Director: Satur Idarreta

Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas

Line Producer: Alicia Yubero

First Assistant Director: Antton Zabala

Sound Recording: Carlos Faruolo

Costume Designer: Tatiana Hernández

Make-up Artist: Lola López

Hair Stylist: Itziar Arrieta



Antonio De La Torre

Quim Gutiérrez

Verónica Echegui

Roberto Álamo

Miquel Fernández

Héctor Colomé

Patrick Criado

Arancha Martí

Sandra Martín

Sandy Gilberte