Original title: Diecisiete

Release Date: October 4, 2019

Producers: Una película original de Netflix producida por Atípica Films

Platform: Netflix

Genre: Dramedia

Duration: 100’


Hector (17) has been in a youth detention center for two years. With social and communication difficulties, he barely interacts with anyone or anything until he is encouraged to participate in a reintegration therapy with an animal rescue center and finds a dog as shy and elusive as him.


Throughout the weekly sessions, Héctor and his dog Oveja develop a very strong bond. Until a few months later, Oveja doesn’t show up one day.  Oveja has finally found a home but Hector, far from rejoicing, is unable to accept this circumstance and even though he has less than two months to complete his internment, he decides to run away to find his dog.


The detention center contacts his brother Ismael (26), his legal guardian, who finds Hector hiding in the assisted-living facility where his grandmother Cuca lives. He tries to drag him back to the center, but Hector refuses, nothing is going to stop him until he finds his dog.


Ismael is forced to accompany him in this quixotic odyssey, to make sure he does not get into trouble, because Hector is two days from turning 18 and from then on, any crime he commits will not send him back to the reformatory, but straight to jail.



Director and Screenwriter: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo

Executive Producer: José Antonio Félez

Producers: José Antonio Félez / Cristina Sutherland

Director of Photography: Sergi Vilanova Claudín, (AEC)

Editor: Miguel Sanz

Composer: Julio de la Rosa

Art Director: Juan Pedro de Gaspar

Sound Recording: Jaime Barros

Sound Supervisor: Pelayo Gutiérrez

Visual Effects Supervisor: Juanma Nogales

Technical Direction: Iván Benjumea-Rey

Costume Designer: Alberto Valcárcel

Make-up Artist: Ana López-Puigcerver

Hair Stylist: Belén López-Puigcerver

First Assistant Director: Rubén Goldfarb

Line Producer: Alicia Yubero

Casting: Ana Sainz-Trápaga and Patricia Álvarez de Miranda



Biel Montoro

Nacho Sánchez

Lola Cordón

Itsaso Arana

Chani Martín

Iñigo Aranburu